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Chromebook and Student Technology Policy

Part 1: Chromebook Policy

All students in grades 1-12 will be issued a school Google Suite for Education account. All 1st -6th grade students will be assigned a school-owned Chromebook. 1st -4th grade students will use their Chromebook in the classroom during the school day, but will not carry the Chromebook home. 5th -6th grade students will use their school-owned Chromebook both at home and at school daily. 7th -12th grade students are required to purchase their own personal Chromebook to use at home and at school daily.


What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop like device that uses the Google Chrome operating system. Chromebooks start up instantly, integrate with Google Apps for Education, have a long battery life, and cost less than traditional laptops. Because Chromebooks store everything in the Google cloud, they are less vulnerable to computer viruses or data loss. Chromebooks also offer a Management System that allows the school to instantly deploy settings, extensions, and apps to the student chromebooks.


Chromebook Care:

All students are required to take their Chromebook home each night throughout the school year for charging. Chargers should not be brought to school. The school does not accept any liability for personal devices used at school. It is the student’s responsibility to properly care for and store the device at all times. When students are not using their Chromebook, they should be stored in a secure or supervised location. Students are responsible for securely storing their Chromebook during extra-curricular and after school events. Students should not loan their Chromebook to another student for any reason. Students bring electronic devices to school at their own risk, just like any other personal items. The school will not be held responsible if an electronic device or other item is lost or stolen. Further, the student is responsible for the content of data stored on that Chromebook. See Internet Safety below for more information.


What if my child forgets their chromebook at home?

The chromebook is an instructional tool that will be required daily in the classroom, just as a textbook and notebook are required in the classroom. Repeat violations of this policy will result in referral to administration and disciplinary action.


Internet Safety:

Students are expected to follow all the conditions of the JCCS Technology Acceptable Use Policy when using their Chromebook, the Internet, and their school Google account. The student’s Chromebook and school Google accounts may be subject to inspection at any time. If any unauthorized data is found to be on the Chromebook, it is assumed that the student is responsible for downloading that data.


Guidelines for Using Chromebooks at School:

  1. Using a Chromebook in class for an unapproved task will result in disciplinary action. When at school, the student’s chromebook

must be logged into the school Google account. Personal email accounts are not to be used at school.

  1. Students may not use their devices to record, transmit, or post photos or video anywhere on campus, nor can any images or video recorded at school be transmitted or posted at any time, without the permission of a teacher, in writing. The use of social media or any form of email/online communication for non-academic reasons is forbidden during the school day.
  2. Student use of a device must not disrupt the learning of others. Violation of school policies or local, state, and federal laws while using a personal electronic device on the School wireless network will result in appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action.


Recommendations for purchasing a Chromebook for 7th-12th grade students:

  • Approximate screen size of 11.6” (Screen size should not exceed 15.6” due to size of student desks.)
  • At least 4 GB of RAM and a high-speed wireless network compatibility is recommended.
  • Touchscreen and flip screen models will be more expensive and are optional, but not necessary. Many Chromebooks can be purchased for approximately $200 at retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.
  • We strongly recommend that you purchase a protective case for the Chromebook and purchase an extended warranty/insurance policy for damage protection. The Chromebook and case should be permanently labeled with the student’s name and should be carried separately from the student’s bookbag to prevent damage. (5th and 6th grade students will be required to use their school-provided carrying case.)


Part 2: Google Suite for Education Policy


John Curtis Christian School will provide a Google Suite for Education account for students in grades K-12. This school-issued Google account provides a protected environment for students and staff to collaborate, share information, and create and store documents online in real-time. Student Google accounts include access to apps such as Google Drive(document storage), Google Docs(word processing), Google Slides(presentation program), Google Classroom, and Gmail(for grades 7-12). All students will be assigned a unique username and password by the school. The student does NOT have the ability to change their username or password. Students can access their school Google account from any internet connected device.


Student Responsibility:

Students are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of their account and should share their password with no one except their own parent. The school Google account must only be used for educational purposes. Student accounts can be monitored and accessed by administrators at any time. Students should have no expectation of privacy within their school Google account.


Email Usage:

Students are only able to send and receive email from email addresses that the school has allowed access to. Students will be unable to correspond with other email accounts such as Gmail, iCloud, hotmail, etc. when using their school Google account. They will only be able to communicate by email with JCCS teachers, students, and specific email addresses that the school approves.

Students are unable to send/receive emails from a personal email to their school email. Any misuse of the account will result in discipline at the discretion of administration.


School Responsibility:

The school will retain an archive of all data within a student’s Google account. In school, Internet filters are used to prevent access to inappropriate content and to ensure that student use of digital tools follows the school internet safety policy.


Parent / Guardian Responsibility:

Parents assume responsibility for the supervision of Internet use outside of school. Parents are encouraged to discuss family rules and expectations for using internet-based tools. The article linked below provides information on parent monitoring of a child’s personal chromebook. Parents should also consider purchasing parental control options for home internet use. It is recommended that students do not add a personal Google account on their chromebook, since all school-related work must be done on the school Google account.


Parent Access to a Student’s School-Issued Google Account:

Student usernames will use the following format: graduation year+first initial+last For example, John Smith, class of 2024 would have the following username:

All students are assigned a unique password. If you want or need to access your child’s account, you may ask your child for his/her password or contact, Sarah Moncivais, at to receive the password. To access a student’s Google Apps account, simply go to on any device and click “sign in.”


Part 3: Acceptable Use Policy



**There is the possibility that there may be materials present or otherwise available to the Internet that some students, parents, or teachers may find controversial, offensive, objectionable, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate for minors.

**Some services available on the Internet could be considered offensive, and students must take responsibility for their own actions in navigating the network.

**It is virtually impossible to prevent students from getting to materials whose presence the school system never anticipated while preserving

the student’s status as a full member of the Internet community.

**The school system cannot formalize precise limits upon a student’s success. Rather, it is the student’s responsibility to follow standards set by their parents.



**Students have a responsibility to use appropriate language when using the Internet. The school system will not tolerate a student’s use of profanity or obscenity on the Internet, and the use of such inappropriate language on the Internet may result in school disciplinary action and the student losing Internet privileges.

**As community members, students must respect the rights of others in both the local community and in the Internet at large. Offensive, obscene, harassing, abusive or inflammatory language, pictures materials and/or personal attacks are unacceptable uses of the Internet, and students who engage in such communications on the Internet may be subject to school disciplinary action and/or loss of Internet privileges.

**Students have the responsibility to follow copyright laws and rules, and must respect all copyright issues regarding software, information, and attributions of ownership in the excise of Internet privileges. A student’s failure to do so may result in school disciplinary action, the loss of Internet privileges, and/or prosecution under state and federal law.

**Students must respect the privacy rights of others, and refrain from re-posting communications without the author’s prior consent. Failure to

do so may result in school disciplinary action and/or the student’s loss of Internet privileges.

**Students must only use the Internet for legal activities.  A student who engages in illegal activities, including but not limited to, tampering with computer hardware or software, computer piracy, hacking, unauthorized entry into computers, or knowledgeable vandalism or destruction of computer files will be subject to school disciplinary action, loss of Internet privileges and may be prosecuted for criminal violations under applicable state and/or federal law.

**Students are responsible for avoiding the knowing or inadvertent spread of computer viruses. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance by spreading computer viruses is considered criminal activity under state and federal law. A student who engages in such activity will be subject to disciplinary action and/or loss of Internet privileges.

**A student must take responsibility for usage of his or her account. A student’s failure to fulfill this responsibility by giving his or her password to another may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of Internet privileges.

**A student must take responsibility for his or her own messages, actions and words on the Internet. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities may result in school disciplinary action and/or loss of Internet privileges.

**Students have the responsibility of displaying exemplary behavior when using the Internet and must conduct themselves as a representation of their respective school and the community as a whole. Failure to fulfill this responsibility may result in disciplinary action and/or loss of Internet privileges.


I have read and understand my responsibilities in exercising the privilege of using the Internet Communications System. I agree to follow the rules and regulations of John Curtis Christian School when using the Internet, and to fulfill my responsibilities as outlined above. I understand that any violation of the school system’s rules and regulations or my failure to fulfill my responsibilities in using the Internet may result in school disciplinary action, loss of my access privileges on the Internet and/or prosecution under applicable state and/or federal law.

All students are required to complete a Chromebook and Technology Policy Acknowledgement Form.  You will be emailed a link for the form in August.





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