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Behavior & Dress Code

John Curtis Christian School is a safe and drug free school.  Students must support this environment.  Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are prohibited from school and school-sponsored activities.  The administration has approved a mandatory drug testing program for all students in grades 9th – 12th.  This will be an enhancement to the schools drug education and prevention programs that encourage students to make positive choices. Students represent our school in the community and are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate way.    Any act or behavior from a student which conflicts with the Christian teachings and rules of John Curtis Christian School may be grounds for expulsion.

 Students are not allowed to sell or purchase any item at anytime while on school grounds.  This includes lunch tickets as well as food, clothing, etc. 

 Students are not allowed to leave the campus or go to the parking areas once they have arrived (by bus or car) at school.  The only acceptable way to leave the campus is to go to the student office and check out with parental permission.  Any violation of this policy may result in expulsion.

 Cyber-bullying is not an acceptable behavior at JCCS. Bullying can be both physical and verbal. 

Any student who violates our bullying policy could be suspended or expelled.

 Cell phones are not to be used, seen or heard during school hours.  Parents should not call a student’s cell phone during school hours. Parents should call the office at 504-737-4621. A violation will result in the confiscation of the cell phone.  If a students phone is confiscated it will not be returned until the consequence is completed.  Music and other electronic devices are also not allowed.  Students will be held responsible for the content and pictures on their electronic device.  JCCS is not responsible for personal property of a student such as cell phones, air pods, etc.  Violations may result in suspension or expulsion.  Wearable communication devices such as “apple watches” are prohibited. 

Attendance and punctuality are important for each students academic success.  So that a student will achieve the maximum in the educational program, there must be a continuity of instruction.  Poor attendance breaks continuity and the orderly sequence of building concepts of teaching and learning.  The responsibility of attendance rests upon the student and the parent.  Students should remain out of school only when it is absolutely necessary.  Our school policy is three tardies equals one absence.  Doctor’s notes must be presented to the student office within five days of an absence.  Any medication, including over the counter medicines, must be held in the student office.  Failure to comply may result in expulsion.

Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, all students in grades 7-12 will be required to bring their own personal fully charged Chromebook to school every day in order to complete academic work. This may include accessing online textbooks, researching online material, completing assignments and assessments, and submitting work electronically. Home internet access may be required to complete some assignments.  The school does not accept any liability for personal devices used at school. It is the student’s responsibility to properly care for and store the device at all times. When students are not using their Chromebook, they should be stored in their lockers with the lock securely fastened.


Students may not wear oversized, frayed clothing, clothing with holes, or pants with oversized writing/logos.  Only solid color slacks/dress jeans may be worn and must fit appropriately at or near the waist.  All pants must have a zipper and belt loops.  Belts must be brown or black.  Uniforms must be maintained and not torn.  Students must maintain a neat appearance at all times.  Boys and girls must wear their shirts tucked in, hair groomed and in proper dress code.  Excessive jewelry, piercings, tongue rings, nose rings, and visible tattoos are not allowed. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.


Hairstyles must be conventional.  Students will not be allowed to attend school with twists, dreadlocks, mohawks, exotic or faddish haircuts.  Hair styles must be evenly proportioned on the scalp.  Designs outlined in the hair/eyebrow are in violation of the dress/hair code.  Ears and eyebrows must be visible. Boys are not allowed to have facial hair or shaved eyebrows.  The length of a male hairstyle may not be longer than the top of the dress shirt collar and should be cut evenly all the way around  the head.  “Tails” or “ V’s” are not allowed nor may the hair extend beyond 1 inch in height. Any hair coloring must be naturally occurring hair color nor may hair be bleached without color.  Our goal is to have students well-groomed and neat in appearance with conventional haircuts.  No student will be allowed to attend classes or to represent the school in any event when that student is in violation of the code.  Violators will be sent home until the code is met.  Violations of the dress code are deliberate and will not be treated as mere uniform violation but rather as a refusal to follow school rules.


T2 - K:   Only Curtis sanctioned uniform shirts may be worn with jeans, Curtis khaki uniform shorts, Curtis uniform skorts, Curtis uniform dress, or red, white, blue elastic waist pants/shorts. 

1st to 6th  Grade Girls:  Only Curtis sanctioned uniform shirts (tucked in), and sweatshirts are to be worn with solid color slacks, dress jeans, Curtis khaki uniform shorts or Curtis uniform skorts.  The uniform shorts must fit at or near the waist and may not be oversized.

1st  to 6th Grade Boys:  Only Curtis sanctioned uniform shirts (tucked in), and sweatshirts are to be worn with solid color slacks, dress jeans, or Curtis khaki uniform shorts. The uniform shorts must fit at or near the waist and may not be oversized.  Belts are required. 

PK2 – 6th grade must wear blue uniform shirts on field trips.

7th to 12th Grade Girls:  Only Curtis sanctioned uniform shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts are to be worn with solid color slacks or dress jeans (jeans must be modest and not too tight). 

 7th to 12th Grade Boys:  Only Curtis sanctioned uniform shirts, jackets, and sweatshirts are to be worn with solid color slacks, or dress jeans.  Belts are required.

Please mark student's name and grade inside all clothing, shoes, book bags, and lunch-kits.  Student’s name may be embroidered on the front of shirt/sweatshirt.  Girls in grades 1st – 12th may not wear dresses or skirts.


Students may wear a shoe that is a solid school color, black, brown or grey.  All shoes must be closed toe and closed back.                                                                           

Revised 2/04/2020

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